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2011 cheap wedding reception ideas

Currently in the year 2011 for those of you who will be married may be of some people there who are thinking hard pa idea that you can use for your wedding reception to be cheaper but still can make your invited guests feel happy and excited. I'm pretty sure almost everyone would be married would still want the look festive wedding reception, but if you can how to keep the cost of a cheap wedding. Thinking like this would have been very reasonable, because it's a marriage that has deeply impressed the invited guests there is a wedding reception, where in it there is a beautiful wedding cake, wedding decorations and also so beautiful.

But you should know too, because there are a few ideas you can do to save the cost of your wedding reception that will make you smile after your wedding reception is complete. Why could make you smile? Because you've managed to find an idea how to save on the cost of your wedding reception, but it does not reduce the excitement of the wedding reception. Some cheap wedding reception ideas are as follows:

Limiting the wedding invitations
who would have thought it turns out the wedding invitations that you create such great influence on the sustainability of your wedding, including reception. If you do not limit the wedding invitation, it will automatically charge you spend will double, from cost to create wedding invitations, to the cost of the meal the guests invited. Not to mention if you provide the wedding invitation to those who are married, because then you are automatically the arrival of two guests with a wedding invitation. That means you have to prepare food for a wedding invitation to two guests who come to your wedding reception. Not to mention if you are a very influential person in the neighborhood, it is usually automatically if you should limit the spread on the wedding invitations, which are not usually invited to come, because they put a very big sympathy to you. One thing that I want to remind you to watch not to supply food for the invited guests plan to decrease the supply of food to be doubled from the wedding invitations that you create. Let's say if you make as many as 500 pieces of wedding invitations, the food you had to make the food as much as 1000 or 1200, the goal is to keep not to lack. Surely you would feel ashamed if the guests invited to attend the wedding you did not get any food.

Make your own needs for wedding
Make your own needs for your wedding here are in demand to be independent when you can not do it yourself then you need to rent or buy. So for example, like what? An example is designing wedding invitations; wedding invitations make your own design with your partner, so that your spouse can also give you the idea in designing the invitations. Once the design is finished before you submit it to the printer, and then print as many as you need. Another example is a wedding gift, wedding gift for the most interesting is that in the can from the purchase, but if you and your partner want to live the creative use of Internet-only media, then a wedding gift from the basic ingredients of what you want. Once agreed then the next you just made
, and certainly this will keep costs down so you’re wedding, so the idea of ​​cheap on your wedding reception can be realized. The number of people who do not want to weary in the care of his marriage, it is actually the basis of which he was wasteful, because so many people who spend their funds to set up an interesting wedding gift. Without the slightest sense of demeaning the service provider a wedding gift, I'd love it if you make your own wedding souvenir. In addition to your creative will also have a higher satisfaction than buying souvenirs?

Make the people around you
this is the idea further in order to find a cheap wedding reception, and of course a dream of every person. That's where you have a friendly nature to anyone, especially over the people around you. Because you must remember when you're intending to get married of course you might not be prepared alone or alone with your partner. Moreover, marriage is a formal event involving many people and of course you also have to take a lot of people who helped the success of your marriage. Than that if you are already accustomed to living in a society, and have a friendly attitude, concern for others, it will automatically when you are in need of help from others, they will be happy to assist you. Especially if you have a good friendship with people who can count on, like making friends with people who provide wedding gift, or friends who can make wedding decorations, and more? Of course when you ask them for help, and more importantly the tone aka rebate that is given to you, because you are always being kind to them.

Prepare in advance of
of all the cheap wedding reception ideas on which I have explained to you all, and then this is the most important idea, because everything that has been carefully thought would bring a perfect result. If you've decided to get married in the year 2011 is the ideal is that you've thought about starting from 2010, so that during the period of one year is your wedding budget is prepared correctly, and the concept of marriage that you make it later in the run according to your will. Thus some of the ideas that I can give to you all to get a cheap wedding reception in 2011 was, hopefully for those of you who really had no intention to get married this year, I pray everything is going well and you feel satisfied with the results.
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