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Cheap wedding favor ideas

Wedding favor is a keepsake that is given to the invited guests who have come to your wedding. Very much so you can find ideas for wedding favor, ranging from the simple form to the fancy shaped. It all depends on you all what to do, because basically it is not a fundamental obligation to the invited guests give you so that in the wedding favor. I myself very happy if they see a married couple based on the feeling of love and respect each other, because then of course the foundation for building a home has been formed, and you just take care and to always maintain a sense of love and affection is always there in your heart and also your partner. How happy a bride and groom who just got married and gave a lot of congratulations from the guests invited, of course, a sense of excitement and happiness that you want to direct it back, and one of them is to provide an interesting wedding favor for guests.

Wedding favor should be interesting not expensive, but with a little touch of creativity you usually stuff that will make your wedding favor will be interesting appears. So in my article this time the idea for cheap wedding favor is a much needed touch of your hand to be creative and see how a wedding favor is made ​​from ordinary items into a special item when you are touched by the power of art you have. This times to create an exciting wedding favor and do not have to pass a special soul who has a high art, but much of it is now very much at all media to be able to create a wedding favor that looks fancy and certainly interesting. So there's no reason for you all to say that looking for ideas cheap wedding favor that is impossible. I really appreciate everyone who has a soul of high creativity with the help by the media are sufficient at this time, then you will easily create a masterpiece in the form of wedding favor is to be very interesting. Be creative, do not just rely on any capital money to be able to buy anything you want, but try the best to be able to reach something that makes others feel happy. Moreover, this is a very appropriate moment, because it coincided with a very historic day in your life, and will probably be felt only once in your lifetime it.
If I talk about what kind of a cheap wedding favor that? Then I will answer it very much at all. Live how you can maximize the power of creativity that lies within you that. Some examples of the types of cheap wedding favor that I will give to you here is as follows:

Wedding favor is made of candles in the form of flowers
For me this is one wedding favor that is so special, because the candles is usually used for lighting equipment, can now make gifts for your invited guests, and it turns out the candles through the power of creativity that originally may now become the ordinary course of a goods very special. Moreover, if the candles are then shaped flowers that have been given a place in the form of a box, then the result is quite remarkable. You do not dwell only in one form only, because the candles can also be in the form of the other designs, such as in the form of love, where there are in the middle of your writing and your spouse, or it could be candles in the shape like a bride doll, and give box to place it into a wedding favor that is very special but still affordable.
Wedding favor in the form of a beautiful container
For the second type of wedding favor is the most likely chosen by the people, because in addition to materials that can be easily and cheaply, you can create your own? So of course the price will be very cheap but still look attractive to be made in a wedding favor. I suggest for those of you who are planning to make a wedding favor of cardboard, it should not be just one color, but more and more types of color look more attractive because it will be busy with bright colors. Perhaps for those of you who struggled to find a thick cardboard with colorful outsmart can buy one type of color with a white cardboard and then after so then you just paint it with colors that look attractive, such as brown, sky blue, pink, green, and so forth. Once the container box is so then you just add the accessories are in the form of a ribbon, or if you want to add you can write your name along with your spouse, who then added with a thank you greeting cards. This course will be a keepsake that is very interesting and certainly more durable.
Wedding favor is made ​​from natural materials such as flowers and ornamental grasses
This is the type of wedding favor which is more interesting; because you do not need to process it again, but can simply take it from nature. Maybe you live near the mountains and there are many different types of ornamental grass plants, then you can use it to serve as wedding favor. It could also be for those of you that are close to the beach can take advantage of the beach sand which is then given a colorful, beautiful and packed in containers which are then able to hand a very interesting fruit.

That's some kind of cheap wedding favor ideas, turned out to be able to give a memento to the guests should not always buy, but you can take advantage of environmental conditions around you. Than that there is no reason anymore for you all to complain about the high price of the wedding favor itself. Because my hope is that after you read this article of course there is such a brilliant idea in your mind for cheap wedding favor.

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  1. All those items are gorgeous as well as mind-blowing. I am going to collect some cheap wedding favors for my cousin's wedding.